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Alh. Muktar Alkali


About us

Training for Agricultural Development​

Mohamet Lawan College of Agriculture was established in 1977 by the Borno State Government Edict No. 10/1986/87 with the primary objective of producing middle level extension staff in Agriculture. Forestry and Veterinary for the needed agriculture development in the state particular and the country in general.

Message from the Provost

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of Mohamet Lawan College of Agriculture Maiduguri. The College was established in 1977 with the mandate of training Middle Level Manpower in the fields of Agriculture and Agricultural related disciplines.

The College is offering various programs leading to award of National and Higher National Diplomas in the fields of Agriculture and Agricultural related disciplines. It also offers certificate and postgraduate courses in relevant Agricultural fields.

Mohamet Lawan College of Agriculture Maiduguri is a pioneer College of Agriculture in the entire Northeastern Nigeria. It has produced a large number of agricultural superintendents and officers who contributed immensely to the development of agricultural sector of Borno State and the nation at large.

This website will give you an insight in to the programs, activities and other relevant information that you might wish to know about the college.

Thank you


We offer the following programmes


The College is currently running nine (9) Months Certificate courses through its Consultancy Unit

Remedial Courses

Remedial Science Course for candidates who wish to make up SSCE deficiency

Consultancy Programme

The College has consultancy unit where a wide range of skills and training programs as well as Certificate, Diploma and HND programmes on part-time basis are offered.

Higher National Diploma

The College also runs 2 years HND programme in disciplines Animal Health, Animal Production Technology etc.

National Diploma

The College runs 2-year National Diploma Programmes in disciplines Agric-Technology, Animal Health and Production etc.