Basic science and technology was in existence since establishment of the institution in 1977 as pre-tech department, later converted to Pre-ND science and technology by NBTE to create opportunity and prepare students with deficiencies in their O level to go for diploma Programme. The Department offers science subjects; chemistry, physics, Biology, including English language and mathematics together with some elective courses of Technical drawing, survey, woodwork with intensive practical’s as in contained 3.1 above for the period of 9 months before passing into diploma Programme. Presently, the department had 15 academic staff in different pure science subjects, 3 laboratory technologist, 2 laboratory technicians, laboratory attendant and departmental secretary. In addition, lecturers from GNS department are supporting in handling English language and elective courses. The department had 3 equipped laboratories, chemistry, physics, and biology for student’s practices’.
br>The programme in science and technology is designed to upgrade the general certificate (G.C.E) ordinary level pass grades of potential national diploma candidates to credit level passes as pre-requisite to undergoing national diploma science and technology programmes offered by the college of Agriculture and similar level institution in Nigeria.