Mal. Babakura Mohammed (Student Affairs Officer)

This office deals with all matters relating to students welfare in the college.


  1. Hostel accommodation is a privilege and voluntary for students. However, in view of the limited hostel facilities, the college can provide accommodation for few students on first-come first-served basis but consideration may be given to those from peace and harmony. Student or group of students found harboring any unauthorized person(s) in their rooms would be expelled from hostel in addition to any other disciplinary action
    that may be taken against him/her by the college authority.
  2. Hostel management committee: The hostel management committee comprise of a staff from each department of the
    college assigned to the various hostel blocks. This is described as follows:
    1. Block ‘A’ – Staff representative of AGT Dept.
    2. Block ‘B’ – Staff representative of FOT Dept.
    3. Block ‘C’ – Staff representative of AHP Dept.
    4. Block ‘D’ – Staff representative of Pre-ND Dept.
    5. Block ‘E’ – Staff representative of HRE Dept.


Only those students who paid the fixed accommodation fees are eligible and female students with children are not

Hostel Rules and Regulations

  1. Rooms may be occupied as from a day before the official opening of the semester until a day after the ending
    of the semester.
  2. Rooms are located for the duration of one academic session only. Full accommodation fees are payable in
    advance by the students to the Bursary Department. Students are advised to obtain official receipts and any
    students whose voluntarily withdraw or dismissed from the hostel will forfeit the accommodation.
  3. At the end of the session, students are required to return all keys and every other college property(s) in
    their possession to hostel officer. The rooms will be inspected before student is cleared, the keys
    collected, and student will be asked to repair or replace any damage or missing item.
  4. Students who wish to leave their room’s temporarily must not allow any other students or persons to use the
    rooms or their beds in their absences.
  5. Students must always keep their rooms and their surroundings in clean and good condition.
  6. Any dis-functioning or breakage of electrical or any other fixtures should be reported to the hostel officer
  7. Students are expected to deposit the keys to their room with the hostel officer for safekeeping when
    vacating for short holidays.
  8. Cooking is not allowed inside the rooms.

Students’ Welfare

  1. Feeding: It is not the responsibility of the college to feed students. Feeding   is by Cafeteria/Bukateria
  2.  Health: The College has a clinic (overseen by a medical doctor) for treating minor illness. Students are
    expected to pay for the drugs for such treatment at subsidized rates.
  3. Sport: Sporting facilities are available in the college and are at the disposal of interested students. Students
    are advised to make proper and good use of the facilities. Misuse of any sporting facilities will not be
    condoned. Students’ common room is available for student’s reception/recreation.
  4. Students exit: A student must always fill exit forms before leaving the college campus. All students who wish to
    absent themselves from the college for any reason must fill exit form in triplicate. Such forms must be
    recommended by the Students’ Affairs Officer and approved by the student’ academic head of department. The
    student should return all duly completed and approved forms to the student affair officer.
    1. If a roommate is unaccountably missing overnight, it shall be the responsibility of the other occupants
      to report at once to both the student affairs officer and student’ head of academic Department.
    2. Visiting hours: Students are allowed to receive visitors between the hours of 10:00am to 6:00pm only.
      Students will be responsible for the conduct and safety of their visitors.
    3. Female students are not allowed to visit male hostels similarly male students are banned from entering
      the female hostel at all times. Serious disciplinary action will be taken against violators of this

Student’s Unionism

  1. This is allowed with the laws of the country and the rules and regulations of the college. The students union is
    generally responsible for the internal organization of Students Affairs and may receive financial support from
    the college.Membership of the students’ union is opened to every registered student of the college. All
    students most abide by the prevailing and approved constitution of the union in addition to the college
    rules and regulations.

    The constitution of the students’ union provides for three levels of participation by students. These

    1. The congress: this consists of all registered members of the union.
    2. The Students’ Representative Assembly commonly known as the S.R.A. this is made up of elected
      representatives from various academic programs.
    3. The executive council this consists of students who are elected on individual basis to head different
      officers in the students’ government. The offices are:
      1. The President
      2. The Vice President
      3. The Secretary General
      4. The Assistant Secretary General
      5. The Treasurer
      6. The Financial Secretary
      7. The Public Relation Officer
      8. The Director of Socials
      9. The Director of Sales
      10. The director of welfare
      11. The director of sports
      12. The patron
    4. The SUG are at liberty to choose their patron within the senior staff of the college.
  2. Clubs and associations: Clubs and associations any be formed by students but their constitutions and bye –laws
    are subjected to approval by the students’ affairs officer on the recommendation of the students’ affairs
    officer committee.
  3. Clubs and Society Activates: Students who wish to organize dances/other social activities on the campus which
    will be opened to the public should comply with the following procedures:
    1. Permission should be obtained from the Students Affairs Office. At least two weeks’ notice is required
      if the
      organizers intend to use the hall.
    2. A caution deposit of N1, 000.00 against damage college property should be made to Bursar and receipt
      The caution deposit may be refunded provided that no loss or damage is done to the designated premises.
      organizers will be compelled to pay for lost or damage of any property in addition to the caution

Student’s Publication

  1. The permission of the registrar or his representative must be obtained for any student’s publication including
    notices, letters, or artless for the press, radio or TV on matters connected with college. The President shall
    be the spokesperson of the union and will communicate with the press on matter affecting the college after due
    clearance and approval by the student’s union executive council and the appropriate officer of the college.
  2. All notice to be pasted on the campus requires the prior approval of the provost or his representative.
  3. Editors will be held fully responsible for the contents of their publication and will be liable to disciplinary
    action for any direct or indirect libelous or scurrilous remarks on any member of the college.
  4. Publication or cartoon must bear the name of the registered penance of the author.


Demonstration of any sort is highly discouraged. However if students wish to demonstrate on the college campus, they
are required to give at least 24 hours’ notice to the Provost personally. In exceptional circumstances, such as
issues of national interest, the Provost may allow peaceful demonstration at shorter notice. Demonstration around
staff residential areas or against individual members of the college will not be allowed.

Reasons for Suspension and Expulsion of Students from the Institution

  1. Persistent poor academic performance.
  2. Un-social behavior e.g. stealing, wanton-destruction of college properties, persistent drunkenness, drug
  3. Misbehavior to member of staff.
  4. Failing to comply with school rules and regulation.
  5. Conviction on criminal offence.
  6. False claims.

Student’s Transfer

Application for transfer from or to another college should be addressed to the registrar. Applicant must give
sufficient reasons for seeking transfer into or from other college. All applications must be received before
the end of academic session.

Change of Course

On recommendation of the Department concerned application for change of course in the first year of admission
(4 weeks after registration) or in the case of repeating Diploma I student, shall be considered.

Change of course shall be for medical or academic reason and must take into consideration the interest of
others and the college. All such application should be addressed to the registrar through the heads of
Department concerned. Late application would not be accepted.

Change of Name

Once a student is registered with the college, such student has no right to change his/her name except in

  1. Where a female student contracted marriage
  2. Change of religion

In any case, no student is allowed to drop entire name while changing. Application for change of name must be
attached with affidavit for and the newspaper cut where advertised. The letter should be addressed to the
Registrar through the Student Affairs Officer.

Music and Musical Instruments

  1. Radios, TV, musical and percussion instrument may be used only between 6:00a.m and 12:00 midnight and
    the sound should not be so loud as to cause disturbance.
  2. Use of Electricity: All electrical equipment owned by students must be registered with the Student’s
    Affairs Officer within three (3) days of acquision and may only be installed or used with his approval.
  3. Mail: to ensure proper delivery of letter, students’ addresses must include their hall of residence,
    letter are to be collected from the college public relation officer.
  4. Students’ conduct: The college expects its students to make matured responses to problems situations and
    conduct themselves in an exemplary manner during their interaction with all members of the community

It is expected that each student in the college will abide by the college rule and regulations and every
student shall be individually held responsible for his or her action.