Admission into diploma courses can be offered only to candidates who passed either of the following requirements:

  1. Full secondary education WASC/GCE/SSCE with credit passes in biology/agric. Science, economics, statistics,
    English language and physics. The college may accept those with passes in English, mathematics, and statistics
    in special cases.
  2. Those interested in home and rural economics should have four credit passes at GCE, SSC or TC ll and equivalent
    in not more than two sittings. The four-credit level must include English, home economics, nutrition, agric.
    science, and any of the followings: geography, mathematics, economics, social science, religion or any Nigerian


The general entry requirements for the HND programme include:

  1. All the requirement for the admission into ND programme;
  2. A minimum of a lower credit pass (CGPA 2.50 and above) in the cognate ND examination; and
  3. A minimum of one-year cognate work experience.

In exceptional case, ND diploma with pass (CGPA 2.00- 2.49) that had two or more year’s cognate experience may be
considered for admission into the HND programme. The number of such candidates should not exceed 10% of the number
of students in the class.

Similarly all candidates seeking for ND diploma in any of the departments must apply and sit for Jamb


The college accepts student that sit for Jamb UTME and passed


Sale of application forms are normally advertised over the mass media at least two months before the date of
interview. Application forms are obtained from the office of the register, Mohamet Lawan College of agriculture,
P.M.B. 1437, Maiduguri on the payment appropriate fee.


The college entertains deferment of admission only on genuine reason(s) otherwise any admission not taken up in the
particular year it is given, should be considered to have lapsed.


Students are expected to pay the following fees in bank to the bursary department or any designated bank at the
beginning of every session as applicable.


Pre-ND, certificate, ND and remedial scienceN 500.00
Pre-HND and HNDN 1,000.00
GNS registration feeN 100.00
Library registration feeN 200.00
Farm departmental feeN 300.00
Entrepreneurship development centreN 500.00


ExamsN 1,000.00
SportN 200.00
ClinicN 200.00
ID cardN 300.00
Hand BookN 300.00
TOTALN 2,000.00


IndigeneN 7,000.00
Non-IndigeneN 12,000.00
InternationalN 35,000.00
Mandatory PaymentN 2,000.00


IndigeneN 2,950.00
Non-IndigeneN 10,000.00
InternationalN 30,000.00

Pre- HND

IndigeneN 10,000.00
Non-IndigeneN 20,000.00
InternationalN 40,000.00

Note: These fees are subject to review without notice.


  1. On arrival at the college. Newly admitted students shall report to the admission office with the following
    1. Letter of Offer of admission by the college
    2. A copy of acceptance letter
    3. Local government Area Indigene Letter
    4. Two recent passport Photograph
    5. Medical Certificate of Fitness
    6. Original Copies of Certificate / Statement of results
  2. If all mentioned items above are checked and the student is found registration to his/her chosen course of study he/she will be given a registration form for payment of the appropriate fees.
  3. The student then proceeds to meet his/her Head of Department who would sign his registration forms.
  4. Next the student should proceed to the student Affairs Office for hostel allocation. Finally, the student
    returns all other registration materials to the Admission Office.
  5. Student identity cards are issued from the registry Department duly signed by the Registrar or Office assigned
    by him.


Successful pre-ND along with newly admitted students into Diploma and Higher National Diploma programme are expected
to be matriculated before entry into the academic community of the college. At the ceremony, student are expected to
take the matriculation Oath, which reads:

“I…………………………solemnly swear and undertake to pursue leaning and knowledge diligently, to respect
the Laws and regulations of the Mohamet Lawan college of  Agriculture and to obey its constituted authorities at all
times so help me God”

The ceremony is usually help at the discretion of the Management. Students will be informed of actual date by the
students Affairs  Division of the college.


On successful completion of their course of study, students are expected to attend the college’ s convocation during
which they are awarded with their appropriate certificates and prizes. Graduating students are to be noticed of the
date through advertisement in the mass media.

The students are requested to report to the students Affairs Division to hire academic gown and secure invitation
cards for their guests.


General Requirements for writing an Examination are:

    • Payment of appropriate fees
    • Eighty percent (80%) class attendance
    • Successful execution of practical field and laboratory works
    • Assessment tests for each present semester.
      1. Candidates must present themselves at such college examination for which they have registered under these regulation. Candidates who fail to do so for reason other than illness or accident or in exceptional cases shall be deemed to have failed the examination. Miss-reading of Time-Table shall not be accepted as a satisfaction explanation for absence.
      2. Any candidate who on account of illness is absence from the College examination, may be permitted by the Academic Board after considering a report from the Board of Examiner, to present himself for such examination to a future date provided that:
        • The illness has been properly reported to the Register, through the HOD and
        • He/She has obtained a written excuse/report from the chief Medical Offer of any Government Hospital.

NB: All students carrying-over course after their year of study have to fulfill all the above general requirements for writing an examination. Any candidate who has not cleared his/her paper(S) after two years of final year of study should consider him/herself withdrawn.


  1. Candidate shall not be allowed to enter an examination room earlier than twenty (20) minutes before the commencement of the examination.  
  2. A candidate who arrives late shall not be allowed extra time. Those who are late for more than (30) thirty minutes will not be allowed write the examination.
  3. In case of a candidate who has to leave the examination temporarily, he/she shall accompanied by an invigilator.
  4. Candidate shall NOT be allowed to leave the examination room earlier than twenty (30) minutes of an examination session.
  5. Candidate shall NOT take into an examination room or have in his/her possession during an examination any book or printed paper or written documents, whether relevant to the examination or not, unless specification authorized to do so. The Chief Invigilation or Invigilator has the authority to confiscate such documents or items and report the student accordingly.
  6. A candidate shall NOT directly or indirectly or in any way whatsoever give assistance to any other candidate during the examination.
  7. A candidate shall not remove from an examination room any paper(S), used or unused, except the question paper, which doesn’t require the answers on them.
  8. A candidate shall not be allowed during an examination to communicate by word or otherwise with any other candidate, non shall he/her leave his/she place except with the consent of the invigilation.
  9. Use of handset is prohibited and should either remain switched off or kept in silent mode during the exam.
  10. A candidate shall not write on any paper other than the examination answer books or sheets. All rough work must be done on the answer books and crossed out neatly.
  11. Smoking, chewing and eating are not permitted during examination.
  12. Absence from any examination will not be accepted unless on genuine cases. Medical cases should be supported by Medical certificates.
  13. There shall be no tearing or destruction of any papers in the examination hall. Any mistake made should be crossed out two parallel lines diagonally.
  14. Any instruction given by the invigilator which is not mentioned here must be respected.
  15. A candidate should posses examination slip duly signed by the registrar/HODs.
  16. Any candidate caught cheating during any examination will be expelled from the College.
  17. Candidate shall be asked to show their I.D cards before or when writing the examination.


  1. The college changed from terminal to semester system as from 1991/92 session in accordance with NBTE directives. There are two semester in a session and each semester is approximately eighteen (18) weeks in duration. Examination will be conducted at the end of each semester.
  2. Result Examination : No result Examination for diploma except certificate courses However, diploma students with GPS 2.00 or more would be allowed to carryover any number of courses she/he failed.


  1. students with GPs of 1.50 to 1.99 will repeat the session.
  2. Students with GPs of less than 1.50 will be withdrawn.
  3. Students shall NOT graduate from the college until all the courses registered are cleared.
  4. A student shall not be allowed to repeat the year of the programme more than once.
  5. All results approved by the academic board of the college shall be released and pasted on the notice board with or without the names of the candidate.


Pre-National Diploma (PRE-ND)

  1. A student must pass at least five (5) subjects (four compulsory and one optional) with credit pass before he/her is allowed to proceed to diploma programmes.
  2. A student who failed four (4) subjects in the first semester would be automatically withdrawn from the college.
  3. A student who passed with (4) credits would be allowed to proceed to the diploma programme but he/she must make up the fifth subject he failed before graduating.

Diploma Programme

For end of 1st semester any student who scores less than GPS 2.00 he/she shall be placed on academic warning by the registrar for poor performance and its consequences.

Grading System

 The table below shows the grading system used for all levels:


Grade Letter Used     

Range of mark     




Upper credit



Lower credit









Issuance of Transcripts

Transcripts are only issued to organization and institution on request after payment of the appropriate fees.

Statement of Result/Certificate

 These are issued to students who successfully passed all the required courses. Student should surrender their I.D. Cards and statement of Result when collecting their certificate.