Mr. Thomas Abasu (Chief Librarian)

The college library was established simultaneously with the college in April 1977. Objective of the library is derived from the objectives of then college it serves. The library is to provide books and non-book materials for study, teachings, to encourage reading habits and research for the benefit of the students and staff of the college as a whole.

The college librarian is the administrative head of the library department. The library is organized into five functional divisions which are; Collection Development, Processing or Cataloging, Readers Service, Reference and Reserve section.

The collection of the college library materials is joint responsibility of the staff members, students and the library. There is a library committee also for advisory work.


The college library renders the traditional reference and loan services to readers. These services are based on the various collections of the library, which are open access, short term-loan, reference special collection, photocopying at subsidized rate in order to minimize book theft and mutilation.


Books and journals are consulted in the library. The materials shelves are not to be borrowed out the library. Books are placed in the reserve section because they are found to be in constant demand by readers. The purpose is to ensure that all concerned are to have an equal chance to read them.


Opening hours
  1. Semester period
    • Monday – Friday – 8:00am – 900pm
    • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays remains closed
  2. Vacation period
    • Monday – Friday – 800am-300pm
    • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays remains closed.


The use of the library is permitted to registered users only. The registration is open to all persons in the following categories:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time teaching staff
  • Students and
  • Other employees of the college


  • No library materials may be removed from the library without the issues being recorded in the prescribed way by the college library.
  • Users must present item (books) for inspection by the library staff and security at the door when going out of the library
  • All library users are responsible for the library materials issued in their names and this responsibility ends only when the materials (books) have been returned to the library and the issue records cancelled.
  • No reader, academic and non-academic staff is allowed to borrow more than two library books at a time for the period of two weeks.
  • No student is to have more than one library book at a time for two weeks until the volume of books increased. These books should not be taken away from Maiduguri.
  • Bay and personal copies of magazines and newspapers are not allowed in the library.
  • Users should not reserve seats in any part of the library.
  • Users should leave all consulted books and journals on the table and should not attempt to re-shelve them.

Penalties for Various library Offences:

  • Library users who fail to return any books will be liable to a fine of ₦00 per day.
  • All cases of borrowers lost tickets or identity cards must promptly be reported at the circulation Desk.
  • Smoking eating drinking etc. in the library is prohibited.